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1927 1926 1925 1928 Chevrolet connecting rods
Here are 4 used connecting rods out of a 1926 Chevy motor. They have forging numer 351663 on them. These will fit 1925- 27 motors and will fit 1928 motors but they had a different forging number. These probably need rebabbeting . Not bent or cracked ,just used. Check out my E-bay store for other items.
Vintage NOS Early Chevy Full Skirt Pistons W/O Wrist Pins 4 Cylinder Banger +.0?
Box of 4 Aluminum NOS Early Chevy pistons 1918-1928? Box marked "Balanced Set" (barely make it out). I took a mike measurement to get the sizing as the boxes sizing has been worn off and these pistons are not marked (stamped) with the over bore size. Perfect canidate for that prewar car running an old banger needing an overhaul. Original Box just f ...  More